When I buy a new purse I buy one I really like even if I have to spend a little more because I know I will be using it every day for at least a year. I am not one of those people that change their purse to match their outfit. So the purse has to go with every color and every print that I may have. I also like to find a good deal so I go to all the usual discount stores. I love red and have found that a red purse will go with just about everything so if I can find a red purse that is what I will buy. But this year it seems that red is not in and there are a lot of bold colors. Marshalls has some good deals. Yesterday I found a Michael Kors very similar to this one at Marshalls for $199 and elsewhere I have seen one for about $358. Of course you will never have the selection at Marshalls that you have elsewhere so you just have to look around often



Another great place for purses is Nordstrom Rack. I understand that not everyone has this store near them but if you have one close by you must go there. Yeaterday I saw all the name brands there  includeing a Kate Spade in this hot pink color, which I love. I don’t remenber the price but it was a really good deal.



I welcome all the bright colors this spring after all this long dull winter. I wonder if that is why all the designers are going bright.